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Gold Coast, Australia – Next Level Racing, an industry leader in racing, flight and driver simulators, is introducing a new product that will allow driving simulator and flight simulator fans alike to easily turn their racing cockpit into a flight cockpit. 

The Combat Flight Pack delivers what fans of the racing and flight simulator community have been asking for: a simple way to transform their F-GT or GTrack Simulator Cockpits into the ultimate flight simulator. 

Compatible with major flight controls like Logitech®/Saitek®, Thrustmaster® and CH products, the Combat Flight Pack offers users a high level of realism by allowing for flight controls to be positioned in a realistic way, bringing the flight simulator experience to a whole new level. 

“Thanks to collaboration and feedback from our partners in the airline, private and military aviation industries, we believe that The Combat Flight Pack, along with the Motion Platform V3 and Traction Plus products, lets pilots experience all the characteristics of an aircraft with an authenticity that is among the best in the industry,” - said Hess Ghah, CEO of Next Level Racing. 

Next Level Racing is well-known for making adaptable and adjustable racing and flight simulator products, and the Combat Flight Pack is no different. Fans can mount the flight joystick and throttle on either side of the seat; or centre mount the joystick by attaching it to the middle of the wheel plate. What’s more, the long hole design of the arms allows for distance adjustment to meet all users’ needs. 

“Our community has been asking for a way to turn their existing driving and racing simulators into flight simulators,” added Ghah. “Our team is proud to have delivered on this, and we can’t wait for our fans to try it.” 

The Next Level Racing® Combat Flight Pack is available from September through global retailers including North America $129 USD / Europe 129 EUR, VAT included / Asia Pacific $129 USD / $179 AUD GST included.

For more information visit our product page here

Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Cockpits made an appearance at the Air Force Day in the Netherlands thanks to Flight Sim Web Shop! The event is run over 2 days at the Volkel Air Base. A total of 3 cockpits were in use for visitors to get up and flying. If you're in Europe, visit our new partner Flight Sim Web Shop for all your flight simulation here.

Using VR headsets with the newest and the most advanced titles may bring you many unforgettable moments. Although everything seems to be natural, photorealistic and almost real there is one "but". Either available VR system on the market is capable to compensate and eliminate movements that come from the motion platform. It may be not obvious for dynamic games where scenery changes every frame but the issue is real!

Movement systems generates feeling of the forces that act on your body by doing some moves. Those moves are being recognized by VR systems as head movements which is obviously wrong.

For example, taking a turn while driving the car generates force that push your body outside of the seat. To simulate this behaviour motion platform has to lean top frame. This changes position of the entire cockpit with you inside. VR system recognizes this as your head movements and processes them in the normal way. Without compensation it looks like your head is going to smash the side window. Finally you can find your head outside the window which may be quite hilarious.

Our software uses advanced mathematic formulas to calculate necessary compensation and applies it to the VR headset at runtime. It eliminates platform movements from the VR tracking system causing your experiences to be more immersive and authentic. Compensation module is transparent for end users and can be used with all Motion Systems platforms. If you want to experience VR with enhanced motion experience please install Platform Manager 2.57 or newer.

Supported VR headsets:

Oculus DK2
Oculus Rift
HTC Vive