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Next Level Racing had the pleasure of meeting with Lee Mather, Game Director of the Formula 1 Game series by Codemasters and Shaun Cole from The Simpit. They had the chance to share their thoughts on our new products including the new Traction Plus Motion Platform, our new wheel stands and new cockpits.

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It is very exciting for us to announce the launch of the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3.

We continued our development, innovation and technology based on previous feedback and performance to ensure the V3 will exceed user expectation and continue leading the market in design and performance


• Precision - Updated encoders to provide even further accuracy
• External Design - Completely revised in terms of appearance to accommodate for internal power supply and internal micro controller. V3 is now in Stealth Black with laser cut logos
• Cooling - Passive and active cooling method with adaptive fan speed control to ensure the platform can even be used for more demanding purposes such as commercial centers and events whilst not overheating
• Robust - The V2 was known to be a “bulletproof” kind of product however USB filters and mounting design for springs have been improved further
• Speed – V3 max speed is 200% faster than V1
• Tactile Feedback – Vibration features simulating road bumps, road texture, engine vibrations, gear changes, collisions, rubs & bumps. We use in game telemetry data delivering true and accurate feedback
• Noise – We are confident the V3 is the quietest motion platform on the market. The V3 now has acoustical panels inside to reduce noise of operation even lower than the V1 and V2 which were both known for being surprisingly quiet for a motion platform anyway
• Electromagnetic Motor Shaft Brakes - Usually only used in high fidelity and high cost commercial motion platforms this feature prevents any undesired movement of the seat if the platform is switched off

All Next Level Racing retailers will be stocking the Motion Platform V3. To find  your local stockist visit our Buy Page for more information.

Our New Zealand Partners were busy at the Auckland V8 Fan Day with V8 Supercar drivers and fans running hundreds of laps in the Next Level Racing Simulator Cockpits equipped with the latest Thrustmaster wheels. The event was a great success with drivers and fans loving the Next Level GTultimate Cockpits.

It was a pleasure to work with our New Zealand partners for the Armageddon Gaming Show in Auckland New Zealand. Working with Sony, Microsoft and Thrustmaster we could offer show visitors the most realistic racing experience with titles such as Forza Horizons, Gran Turismo, Driveclub VR and Project Cars. There was a total of 8 Next Level Racing cockpits showcased in Sony, Microsoft and Next Level Racing/Thrustmaster booths.