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Next Level Racing Releases First in Challenger Series of Products 

Challenger Simulator Cockpit offers high-quality realism at market leading price point  


(Gold Coast, Australia) Next Level Racing is introducing the first in a line of products that will solidify its reputation as the maker of best-in-class racing, driving and flight simulators, while doing so at an incredibly accessible and affordable price ($349 USD).  

 The Challenger Simulator Cockpit offers users with the same high-quality, authentic simulator experience that Next Level Racing has provided its customers for a decade, at a price point that makes it the most competitive in the market.  

“We are very excited to be finally releasing the Challenger Series to the world,” said CEO of Next Level Racing, Hess Ghah. “We made it our goal to offer customers the level of realism and adjustability that fans of Next Level Racing have come to expect, and to do so at an affordable, accessible price.”  

The focus on high-quality construction and realism that has helped Next Level Racing build its reputation as an industry leader hasn’t been put aside in order to offer lower priced products. And the commitment to quality is being noticed not just by fans, but by industry experts as well.  

“I’ve been watching the evolution of Next Level Racing over the last decade; I’ve seen them upgrade their components, their quality, their construction,” said Shaun Cole of the Simpit Youtube Channel, a channel dedicated entirely to the world of Sim racing. “This year, what was so special to me, [is that] they were really looking out for the new guy in sim racing (the guy just getting a foothold in the market), and coming out with a line of affordable products.”  

On top of affordability, the Challenger Cockpit sets itself apart thanks to its minimalistic design and adjustable features; it fits almost any living space, and the pedals, wheel and gear-shifter position can be adjusted to accommodate users of all sizes. It also offers out of the box support for wheels, pedals and gear shifters, whether they’re entry-level or higher end accessories.  

This product is the first in the Challenger Series of products set to be released throughout the rest of 2019. The Challenger Series will include the Challenger Seat Add-On — which converts the Wheel Stand Lite and Wheel Stand Racer stands into full racing cockpits — Challenger Monitor Stand and Challenger Flight Simulator.  

 The Challenger Simulator Cockpit is available from August through global retailers, including those in North America ($349 USD), Europe (€349 EUR, VAT included), UK (£299 GBP, VAT included) and Asia Pacific ($499 AUD, GST included).  

 A complete list of all products offered by Next Level Racing and where to find them can be seen on Next Level Racing website.  

Fast Facts:


  • Patent pending design provides rigid support for steering wheel, shifter and pedals whilst taking up minimal space  
  • Adjustable wheel height and angle 
  • Adjustable pedal distance and angle 
  • Seat slider (included) allows quick and easy adjustment of seat for different sized users 
  • Gear shifter support (included) can be added on left or right side, has two different heights based on preference and can be attached next to the seat or next to the wheel 
  • Position of centre pole is designed not to interfere with driving, braking or serious heel and toe driving 
  • Seat is angle adjustable and designed to allow users weighing up to 150kg (330lbs) to race comfortably
  • Height adjustable feet (included) protect your floor from scratches and scuff marks 
  • Compatible with all major wheel and pedals; pre-drilled for Logitech®, Thrustmaster®, Fanatec®,  
  • Premium laser cut, robot welded carbon steel in Matte Black 


  • Supported Height - 120 - 210 cm (4ft - 6ft 9 inches) 
  • Supported Max Weight - 150 kg (330lbs) 
  • Product Dimensions – 140 x 48 x 93cm (55 x 18 x 93 inches) 
  • Product Weight – 24kg (52lbs) 
  • Boxed Dimensions – 84 x 55 x2 7cm (33 x 21 x 10 inches) 
  • Boxed Weight – 32kg (70lbs) 
  • Part Number – NLR-S016 

Next Level Racing is proud to be attending the E3 Gaming Convention once again this year. This will be the fourth year of attendance and the biggest one yet. Join us at Booth 2707 in the South Hall at the Los Angeles Convention Centre for the last day of the convention, with plenty of new products being shown and the chance to try out our cockpits.

Next Level Racing®, is proud to announce two additional models of racing wheel stands to create better gaming experience for racing game enthusiasts.

Wheel Stand DD is targeted at users of Direct Drive wheels which are demanding on strength of simulation accessories. The team at Next Level Racing® achieved to bring a wheel stand to the market that is strong and durable enough to withstand the sheer force of Direct Drive wheels, professional pedals and handbrake support.

Design and functionality have been key components of developing the Wheel stand DD. With adjustable pedal and wheel distance and angle, the comfort of the racer is taken to new heights. This patent pending design focuses on the future of sim racing and product development, allowing the option to upgrade to a full cockpit seat add-on with motion adaptability in the near future. Other features of the wheel stand focus on portability! Adding Lockable Caster Wheel attachments to the front portion of the wheel stand, allows the user to move their sim racing station with ease and comfort for storage.

Wheel Stand Racer is designed for entry-level racing gamers who want a compact solution which can be folded and kept away when not in use. This segment of racing genre games is growing rapidly globally.

Over the years, the team at Next Level Racing® have listened to user feedback and put it into action. The result has been the Wheel Stand Racer, allowing the entry level racer to take their racing experience to the next level! The realistic wheel and pedal positioning are set for any racer that is aiming to engage more with their favourite racing games. The patent pending design allows great portability by being able to fold the simulator in less than 10 seconds to be stored when not in use. Future products are kept in mind as this wheel stand can also turn into a full cockpit with seat add-on adaptability.

“Our Objective for these two projects was to ensure that we cater to both entry level and experienced sim racers to create a more elevated experience with their gear,” said Hess Ghah, Next Level Racing CEO. “To achieve a higher level of innovation while enhancing user experience has been a rewarding experience for our team.”

With two great wheel stands in the market covering a wide range of racers, the only thing left to do is to race!

The Wheel Stand DD will be available for users to purchase at:
USD 299 /Euro 299 inc VAT /AUD 399 inc GST including delivery from international partners towards the end of June 2019!

Wheel Stand Racer will be available for users to purchase at:
USD 119/Euro 119 inc VAT / AUD $179 inc GST including delivery from international partners towards the end of June 2019!

Next Level Racing is proud to announce our newest Global Partner, Kamil Pawlowski also known as Khaki in the sim racing world. Kamil has taken out the Project Cars 2 SMS-R Challenger World Champion for 2019 and is also very active in the sim community.

Get to know a little bit more about Kamil below:

What got you into sim racing?

Back then when I was 5 years old, I got a birthday present which was a Gran Turismo 2 game disc and I feel like this was the moment which affected my life really much, but I wasn’t aware about it then! I started to mess with the car setups, driving techniques and racing when I still was a preschooler, isn’t that crazy? I fell in love in racing games so early and my passion for racing has never actually faded. I got my first racing wheel at age 13 and this is when I’ve learned what “simracing” does actually mean. I will never forget my first struggles in online racing leagues…

Practise makes perfect! The release of Project Cars is what got me into esports and taking it as serious as possible – first esports competitions, victories and titles! Now I know this is my passion of my life and I will dedicate myself for simracing as most possible!

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

I will definitely make every effort in defending the Project Cars World Champion title again next year!

Following months bring a lot of serious opportunities. I have big plans in Assetto Corsa Competizione Blancpain GT esports competitions and I’m looking forward to focus on F1 Esports next year! I will continue on growing my social medias to become more and more recognizable. Very busy time is coming indeed!

Why did you decide to become a global partner of Next Level Racing?

First thing is simply the quality of Next Level Racing brand and products – NRL offers amazing line-up of simracing cockpits which will satisfy every serious simracing veterans thanks to high quality materials, solidness and huge adaptability of the cockpits.

Second matter is NRL's huge passion and support for motorsport and simracing drivers, which will definitely bring many potential customers’ attention. I’m truly proud and happy to be a part of Next Level Racing team, supporting me in my simracing career.

What is your favourite Next Level Racing product?

GTTrack cockpit definitely seems to meet all my requirements – it is very sturdy and solid, which allows to use professional hardware and powerful steering wheels without any flex. It is also really comfortable, thus perfect for long racing session. Adaptability and adjustment options are on high level – the whole cockpit has everything prepared and set to mount all of my simracing equipment, which includes wheel, pedals, handbrake and shifter. Being able to adjust seat and pedals position, wheel height and angle, everyone can make themselves comfortable on this cockpit, no matter how tall you are!

What software do you use for sim racing

I mainly compete in Project Cars 2, but recently I’m racing in Assetto Corsa Competizione, Gran Turismo Sport or even Dirt Rally 2! I was always versatile and eager to try every simulator out there, so I have a lot of experience in many racing categories!

Check out Kamil's platforms:

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