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“What makes Next Level Racing stand out from others is that they always ensure the best quality, features and compatibility adequate for the price you pay, which is very important,” - Kamil Pawlowski

We caught up with world champion sim racer Kamil Pawlowski (aka Khaki) to ask him about his recent win on the SRO Esports GT Series and to learn more about what makes him a champion, and what he’s still working on to take him to the next level. 

Sometimes reaching the podium is a metaphor for finishing in the top three at a race. But this time, Khaki actually got to stand on the podium as champion. It was an experience that surpassed his expectations. 

“It was better than I could have ever expected. I had an amazing, blissful feeling of accomplishment – it even took a couple days for the win to sink in.” 

As he stood on the podium in front of a huge crowd of people, with the Polish National Anthem playing in the background, it was a moment that Khaki will never forget – and one that he hopes he will get to experience again in the future. Given how much he loves competition, it won’t be long until he reaches another podium. 

“The competition is what I love most about sim-racing. Setting your own bar higher and higher, improving your own records...there are so many aspects which keep my motivation for racing and improving.” 

Despite the huge crowds and the pressure of competition, Kamil says that what sets him apart from other racers is an ability to not let the pressure get to him. The focus he can summon during live events is part of what makes him a champion, and if you look closely enough, you can see when he’s hit that next level of focus. 

“While racing, I'm so absorbed and focused, that there are absolutely no emotions on my face. That’s when you can tell that I have enabled Super Turbo Racing Mode.”

To continue becoming a better simulation racer Khaki is working on his overall consistency, which takes a lot of practice. And to help him practice, Kamil uses his favourite Next Level Racing product: the Next Level Racing GTTrack cockpit, which he says all simulation racers would enjoy. 

“It's a cockpit, which combines superb stiffness and stability, great racing position (thanks to high adaptability and adjustment options) and very decent comfort. And it looks damn good!”

With a full slate of upcoming races, it won’t be long until Kamil gets back into Super Turbo Racing Mode and his competitors better watch out! 

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Next Level Racing Sponsors V8 Supercar Champ in 2019 Eseries
Driving simulator cockpit will also be featured

Next Level Racing is participating in the 2019 Gfinity Supercars Eseries in a big way – make that, two big ways. 

Three-time iRacing V8 Supercar Champion Richard Hamstead will drive the Next Level Racing car in the 2019 Gfinity Supercars Eseries. On top of being a hardcore motorsports fan his entire life, Richard has been iRacing V8 Supercars for eight years now, picking up more than his fair share of championships along the way. 

Richard’s hard-charging and assertive driving style always lets him get the most out of a race. And thanks to a combination of smoothness and agility, his assertive driving style doesn’t get him into wrecks, much like his racing hero, Marcos Ambrose. 

Next Level Racing will also be present throughout the 2019 Gfinity Supercars Eseries in a big way. Our racing simulator cockpits will be used by ALL contestants throughout the series. As a company that is known around the world for making some of the best racing and driving simulator products on the market, it’s an honour and a thrill to have our products be used in the prestigious Gfinity Supercars Eseries. 

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Next Level Racing’s team is constantly innovating to bring our fans the best in racing, driving and flight simulator technology. Part of being the best involves creating products that offer a high-level of realism and authenticity. Authenticity and realism are exactly why we were absolutely stoked to team up with Alienware at this year’s Gamescom in Germany to showcase their upcoming space flight combat game In The Black. 

Using a Next Level Racing Cockpit setup to introduce In The Black, fans at Gamescom were able to check out one of the most realistic space combat video games on the market inside one of the most realistic flight simulators cockpits on the market. The reaction was amazing. People of all ages lined up all five days to take a ride – and they absolutely loved it.

It was an absolute blast being at Gamescom – the largest gaming convention in Europe and one of the biggest in the world – and an even bigger treat to pair up with the amazing team at Alienware and In The Black.  Next Level Racing is always excited to collaborate with brands and companies that are committed to the same high-level of authenticity and quality we are.

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Next Level Racing Releases First in Challenger Series of Products 

Challenger Simulator Cockpit offers high-quality realism at market leading price point  


(Gold Coast, Australia) Next Level Racing is introducing the first in a line of products that will solidify its reputation as the maker of best-in-class racing, driving and flight simulators, while doing so at an incredibly accessible and affordable price ($349 USD).  

 The Challenger Simulator Cockpit offers users with the same high-quality, authentic simulator experience that Next Level Racing has provided its customers for a decade, at a price point that makes it the most competitive in the market.  

“We are very excited to be finally releasing the Challenger Series to the world,” said CEO of Next Level Racing, Hess Ghah. “We made it our goal to offer customers the level of realism and adjustability that fans of Next Level Racing have come to expect, and to do so at an affordable, accessible price.”  

The focus on high-quality construction and realism that has helped Next Level Racing build its reputation as an industry leader hasn’t been put aside in order to offer lower priced products. And the commitment to quality is being noticed not just by fans, but by industry experts as well.  

“I’ve been watching the evolution of Next Level Racing over the last decade; I’ve seen them upgrade their components, their quality, their construction,” said Shaun Cole of the Simpit Youtube Channel, a channel dedicated entirely to the world of Sim racing. “This year, what was so special to me, [is that] they were really looking out for the new guy in sim racing (the guy just getting a foothold in the market), and coming out with a line of affordable products.”  

On top of affordability, the Challenger Cockpit sets itself apart thanks to its minimalistic design and adjustable features; it fits almost any living space, and the pedals, wheel and gear-shifter position can be adjusted to accommodate users of all sizes. It also offers out of the box support for wheels, pedals and gear shifters, whether they’re entry-level or higher end accessories.  

This product is the first in the Challenger Series of products set to be released throughout the rest of 2019. The Challenger Series will include the Challenger Seat Add-On — which converts the Wheel Stand Lite and Wheel Stand Racer stands into full racing cockpits — Challenger Monitor Stand and Challenger Flight Simulator.  

 The Challenger Simulator Cockpit is available from August through global retailers, including those in North America ($349 USD), Europe (€349 EUR, VAT included), UK (£299 GBP, VAT included) and Asia Pacific ($499 AUD, GST included).  

 A complete list of all products offered by Next Level Racing and where to find them can be seen on Next Level Racing website.  

Fast Facts:


  • Patent pending design provides rigid support for steering wheel, shifter and pedals whilst taking up minimal space  
  • Adjustable wheel height and angle 
  • Adjustable pedal distance and angle 
  • Seat slider (included) allows quick and easy adjustment of seat for different sized users 
  • Gear shifter support (included) can be added on left or right side, has two different heights based on preference and can be attached next to the seat or next to the wheel 
  • Position of centre pole is designed not to interfere with driving, braking or serious heel and toe driving 
  • Seat is angle adjustable and designed to allow users weighing up to 150kg (330lbs) to race comfortably
  • Height adjustable feet (included) protect your floor from scratches and scuff marks 
  • Compatible with all major wheel and pedals; pre-drilled for Logitech®, Thrustmaster®, Fanatec®,  
  • Premium laser cut, robot welded carbon steel in Matte Black 


  • Supported Height - 120 - 210 cm (4ft - 6ft 9 inches) 
  • Supported Max Weight - 150 kg (330lbs) 
  • Product Dimensions – 140 x 48 x 93cm (55 x 18 x 93 inches) 
  • Product Weight – 24kg (52lbs) 
  • Boxed Dimensions – 84 x 55 x2 7cm (33 x 21 x 10 inches) 
  • Boxed Weight – 32kg (70lbs) 
  • Part Number – NLR-S016