A New Series of Next Level Racing Wheel Stands

Next Level Racing®, is proud to announce two additional models of racing wheel stands to create better gaming experience for racing game enthusiasts.

Wheel Stand DD is targeted at users of Direct Drive wheels which are demanding on strength of simulation accessories. The team at Next Level Racing® achieved to bring a wheel stand to the market that is strong and durable enough to withstand the sheer force of Direct Drive wheels, professional pedals and handbrake support.

Design and functionality have been key components of developing the Wheel stand DD. With adjustable pedal and wheel distance and angle, the comfort of the racer is taken to new heights. This patent pending design focuses on the future of sim racing and product development, allowing the option to upgrade to a full cockpit seat add-on with motion adaptability in the near future. Other features of the wheel stand focus on portability! Adding Lockable Caster Wheel attachments to the front portion of the wheel stand, allows the user to move their sim racing station with ease and comfort for storage.

Wheel Stand Racer is designed for entry-level racing gamers who want a compact solution which can be folded and kept away when not in use. This segment of racing genre games is growing rapidly globally.

Over the years, the team at Next Level Racing® have listened to user feedback and put it into action. The result has been the Wheel Stand Racer, allowing the entry level racer to take their racing experience to the next level! The realistic wheel and pedal positioning are set for any racer that is aiming to engage more with their favourite racing games. The patent pending design allows great portability by being able to fold the simulator in less than 10 seconds to be stored when not in use. Future products are kept in mind as this wheel stand can also turn into a full cockpit with seat add-on adaptability.

“Our Objective for these two projects was to ensure that we cater to both entry level and experienced sim racers to create a more elevated experience with their gear,” said Hess Ghah, Next Level Racing CEO. “To achieve a higher level of innovation while enhancing user experience has been a rewarding experience for our team.”

With two great wheel stands in the market covering a wide range of racers, the only thing left to do is to race!

The Wheel Stand DD will be available for users to purchase at:
USD 299 /Euro 299 inc VAT /AUD 399 inc GST including delivery from international partners towards the end of June 2019!

Wheel Stand Racer will be available for users to purchase at:
USD 119/Euro 119 inc VAT / AUD $179 inc GST including delivery from international partners towards the end of June 2019!