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Making sure that people from all around the world know and get to experience Next Level Racing products and our brand is important to us. This past week at the 2019 South Korea G-Star Global Gaming Exhibition new and experienced sim racing fans got to check out our Traction Plus, Motion Platform V3 and GTtrack with a Triple Monitor setup. Thanks to our Global sales partner Thrustmaster ® – who set us up in their booth – crowds lined up to try out a full racing cockpit and experience real motion for the first time.

The 2019 G-Star Global Gaming Exhibition was something to see: hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of people packed the more than 46,000 square-foot Buscan convention centre for four days. Some of the newest and best technology in gaming were on display – and we were stoked to be part of the action!

2019 has been a big year for Next Level Racing thanks to some amazing new products, new partnerships and new goals for the future. 2020 is going to be an even bigger for us with introducing industry-leading Racing, Flight and Driving simulator products to people all around the world. 

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It’s a special type of fan who falls in love with motorsports. The passion, devotion and knowledge found within the motorsports community are unmatched by other sports fans. And often, fans fall in love at an early age.

Next Level Racing is proud to be part of the racing and sim racing communities and we take our commitments to them seriously. One of our commitments is to support every individual throughout his or her racing journey from A-to-Z. That’s why we’re sponsoring three promising young members of the racing community who are more than just spectators – they tear up the track too.

Kinser, Alex and Sebastien are looking to take their skills to the next level. Using Next Level Racing racing simulator products, these three are honing their craft by sharpening motor skills and improving focus and discipline. They also get to spend hours of simulated tracktime in a safe environment, practising how to get out of trouble and navigate through tight spots without wrecking.

“We are so excited to be able to help support Kinser, Alex and Sebastien in their journey. To be able to collaborate with these guys and grow and learn with them – it’s the best part of my job” - Kam Khadem, Head of Brand and Strategic Growth at Next Level Racing

Like any competitive sport, without a tonne of hardwork and dedication, no one reaches their goal. On top of putting in the extra hours, overcoming challenges and dealing with defeat, it’s essential to train with the right equipment. Next Level Racing racing simulator cockpits and other high-quality, highly engineered products provide an authentic racing experience that have helped, and continue to support, dozens of serious racers in their journey to be the best.

From the start of the journey, to the end and beyond, we will do everything we can to support this very special community, which we are truly honoured to be part of. In the next few months, we’ll be highlighting Kinser, Alex and Sebastien and getting to know them a bit better. Make sure to follow along with us!

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Gold Coast, Australia – Next Level Racing has released two new accessories in the Challenger Series. The Challenger Monitor Stand and Challenger Seat Add On join the Challenger Simulator Cockpit in a series of products that are changing the game by offering an authentic racing experience at an accessible price point.

The two newest additions to the Challenger series put on display the same high-quality, reliable and authentic driving and flight simulator experience the sim racing community has come to expect from Next Level Racing at a price that allows newer and cost-conscious users entry into the market.

“This has been such an exciting year for us at Next Level Racing and the Challenger Series is a huge part of that,” said Hess Ghah, CEO of Next Level Racing. “New and experienced racers alike will be able to enjoy authentic sim racing and do it affordability – and that’s something we’re very proud of.”

The Challenger Monitor Stand’s complete adjustability lets users mount their up-to 50” screen at any distance for an immersive experience. It’s also incredibly easy to assemble and allows for easy adjustment of the screen's height and distance from the driver. This perfect accompaniment to the Challenger Simulator Cockpit is equally compatible with the Challenger Plus Flight Simulator Cockpit and the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Lite.

The Challenger Seat Add On continues the series’ reputation of authentic racing simulation by putting drivers in an authentic race car driving position. What’s more, the Challenger Seat Add On allows users to convert their Wheel Stand Lite and Wheel Stand Racer into a full cockpit.  Just like the Challenger Monitor Stand, the Seat Add On is completely adjustable to allow users of all sizes to drive in comfort. The seat slider allows for distance adjustments between the driver and pedals, and the seat angle is adjustable to fit all preferences.

The team at Next Level Racing wants everyone to be able to experience an amazing racing, driving and flight simulator experience at an accessible price point, which is exactly what the Challenger Series does. The Challenger Monitor Stand and Challenger Seat Add On are the first accessories of many in the Challenger Series of products.

The Next Level Racing® Challenger Seat Add-on is available through global retailers including North America $249 USD / Europe €249 EUR, VAT included / Great Britain £199 / $399 AUD GST included.

The Next Level Racing® Challenger Monitor Stand is available through global retailers including North America $99 USD / Europe €99 EUR, VAT included / Great Britain £99 / $149 AUD GST included.

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“What makes Next Level Racing stand out from others is that they always ensure the best quality, features and compatibility adequate for the price you pay, which is very important,” - Kamil Pawlowski

We caught up with world champion sim racer Kamil Pawlowski (aka Khaki) to ask him about his recent win on the SRO Esports GT Series and to learn more about what makes him a champion, and what he’s still working on to take him to the next level. 

Sometimes reaching the podium is a metaphor for finishing in the top three at a race. But this time, Khaki actually got to stand on the podium as champion. It was an experience that surpassed his expectations. 

“It was better than I could have ever expected. I had an amazing, blissful feeling of accomplishment – it even took a couple days for the win to sink in.” 

As he stood on the podium in front of a huge crowd of people, with the Polish National Anthem playing in the background, it was a moment that Khaki will never forget – and one that he hopes he will get to experience again in the future. Given how much he loves competition, it won’t be long until he reaches another podium. 

“The competition is what I love most about sim-racing. Setting your own bar higher and higher, improving your own records...there are so many aspects which keep my motivation for racing and improving.” 

Despite the huge crowds and the pressure of competition, Kamil says that what sets him apart from other racers is an ability to not let the pressure get to him. The focus he can summon during live events is part of what makes him a champion, and if you look closely enough, you can see when he’s hit that next level of focus. 

“While racing, I'm so absorbed and focused, that there are absolutely no emotions on my face. That’s when you can tell that I have enabled Super Turbo Racing Mode.”

To continue becoming a better simulation racer Khaki is working on his overall consistency, which takes a lot of practice. And to help him practice, Kamil uses his favourite Next Level Racing product: the Next Level Racing GTTrack cockpit, which he says all simulation racers would enjoy. 

“It's a cockpit, which combines superb stiffness and stability, great racing position (thanks to high adaptability and adjustment options) and very decent comfort. And it looks damn good!”

With a full slate of upcoming races, it won’t be long until Kamil gets back into Super Turbo Racing Mode and his competitors better watch out! 

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