Big Boys Toys with our official partners Thrustmaster and PLAYTECH

Next Level Racing had the pleasure of being a part of Big Boys Toys in New Zealand with our official partners Thrustmaster and PLAYTECH. The GTtrack PlayStation Edition made a special appearance as well as our brand ambassador Mad Mike Whiddett! Checkout some of the setups below from the event:

  • 46302862_924835787711591_9212326149768609792_o
  • 46366310_924836107711559_313645772111347712_o
  • 46372573_924836007711569_2786609205807677440_n
  • 46379447_924835731044930_5536289595609579520_n
  • 46414975_924835744378262_6007827526687129600_n
  • 46417785_924836167711553_8226456070994788352_o
  • 46439075_924836094378227_3102179015893450752_n
  • 46447552_924835724378264_4038165450410950656_n
  • 47398296_2242683222417742_1789510665182904320_o