Get ready for F1 2018 with our Brand Ambassador David Greco

With the release of F1 2018 just around the corner we are very excited to announce that the team has been working hard to make sure that the Motion Platform V3 will be compatible on release of the game. We believe that F1 2018 will be Codemasters best F1 release to this date. Some of the new features that will be coming are a career mode, new classic cars and tracks, but that isn’t all. The list of new features goes on. Check out our brand ambassador David Greco’s video on F1 2018 and some of the new features being added.

F1 2018 | Making Headlines | F1 Car Handling | Developer Diary 3

Just 13 days to go until F1 2018 - get yourself ready to race with our latest developer diary! 🏁Pre-order here ⬇️

Posted by F1 Games from Codemasters on Saturday, August 11, 2018