Introducing James Doherty – Our Newest Ambassador

Next Level Racing is proud to announce our new ambassador James Doherty.
James is a passionate sim racer and is also known as TRL Limitless on his channels. We asked James a few questions so the team NLR community could get to know him a little better:

What got you into sim racing?

I got into sim racing at a very early age by playing with my Dad. I had always been a competitor at heart and had a passion for racing, but when I had to give up my real life racing career at 18 that's when the journey started. Watching some guys on YouTube who played F1, I wanted to reach their level and decided to dedicate all of my time in becoming the very best I could be.

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months I would love to hit 100K subscribers on my YouTube channel. Racing wise, to continue competing in F1 Esports as either a driver or a player manager to eventually win the title as being the best in the World.

Why did you decide to become a global partner of Next Level Racing?

I have been a huge fan of Next Level Racing for quite some time now due to their quality of product, the versatility and passion they have for their consumers.

What is your favourite Next Level Racing product?

My favourite Next Level Racing definitely has to be the GT track. The design, sturdiness and comfort is on another level.

What is your favourite sim racing software?

My favourite sim racing software is the F1 franchise and I mainly play on the xbox platform.

Check out James' platforms:

Youtube - JDisMoNsTeR
Twitter- @TRL_Limitless
Instagram - JDisLimitless