Introducing Newest Ambassador Macauley Jones

Next Level Racing® is proud to announce partnership with Australian Supercar driver, Macauley Jones. Macauley steps into 2019 with the Brad Jones Racing run CoolDrive Racing Commodore and needed a solid cockpit to train off the track.

Macauley was previously racing with the GTultimate Cockpit, so an upgrade was given to the new GTtrack Cockpit.

"I really like it! Its a big upgrade with a lot of differences. It has a very stiff frame which is great as helps to feel more realistic as well as a lower seat position giving a more home like feeling, (relating to my race car). Also adjustability in the pedal set up is very dynamic and easily changed between different drivers in our team. "

We are excited to follow Macauley on his racing journey! Thank-you for being a part of the team.

Checkout Macauley's Vlog below for a look at his new GTtrack Cockpit: