Introducing the Next Level Racing GTtrack Simulator Cockpit

Next Level Racing is proud to announce the arrival of their latest product, the Next Level Racing GTrack Simulator Cockpit.

Available this holiday season the GTtrack is designed for serious sim racers looking for complete rigidity, adjustability and a true race car seating position. The GTtrack has been designed with close feedback of professional drivers and some of the world’s fastest eSports drivers, to give you every feature required for serious sim racing.

The strength of the GTtrack allows it to support direct drive wheels and professional pedal sets, as well as being compatible with all major wheel and pedals including Thrustmaster®, Logitech® and Fanatec®. The multiple adjustability options make it possible for sim racers to adapt to a true race car seating position. The GTtrack has all the additional features included for serious sim racing such as a 4 point racing harness, gear shifter and handbrake adaptor, Buttkicker® Gamer 2 adaptor, height adjustable rubber feet for the cockpit and the new Next Level Racing® Lockable wheel castors, allowing you to move your cockpit around with ease and lock the wheels for serious racing.

Next Level Racing® works closely with not only professional drivers but the world's fastest eSports drivers to make sure their products and designs exceed user expectation.

GTtrack will be available starting Nov 25 from our partners in Europe, UK, Middle East and Australia-New Zealand market at a Retail Price of USD $899, Euro €799 inc vat, GBP £699 inc vat, AUD $999 inc gst delivered and will be launching November 20.