Next Level Racing is very excited to announce the compatibility release of Forza Motorsport 7 on our Platform Manager software for PC. We understand how popular the Forza series is to all of you racers out there, so we have worked hard to ensure that Forza’s most recent part of the series has been made to work with our Motion Platform in the best way possible. The new platform manager version will be available now to everyone who already owns a Next Level Racing Motion Platform. We hope everyone is as excited for this as we are.

Next Level Racing® is proud to announce the arrival of their latest product, the F-GT Formula and GT Simulator Cockpit in Matte Black. As with the revolutionary F1GT, the updated F-GT cockpit allows you to be in true racing positions for both Formula and GT racing with even more features and functionality than before. 

Next Level Racing® continues to lead in innovation and design with the F-GT providing unmatched functionality, design and performance in the under $500 USD category.  

Next Level Racing® works closely with not only professional drivers but the world's fastest eSports drivers to make sure their products and designs exceed user expectation. Visa® Vegas E-Race finalist David Greco has been using the previous F1GT cockpit as his cockpit of choice and gave feedback on the new F-GT - 

I have been using the F-GT’s previous version for over a year now, and it did not need many improvements at all. The only important one was that, it was hard to find a position and setup that would 100% suit me, but with the new sliding holes and 3 more level of angle adjustments for the wheel, pedals and seat position, this new version fixes even this problem for me. Also I think in Matte it looks better, and the optional lockable wheel castors are a nice extra feature to allow to shift the rig around easily.” 

Professional Rally Driver Ricardo Costa Jnr. races in the previous version of the cockpit also 

"From the moment I started to assemble this I knew it would be an awesome cockpit…. This thing is a truly astonishing piece of simulation" 

What’s new from the F1GT to the F-GT 

  • Electroplated Matte Black finish on the frame. All bolts, nuts and washers changed to black for a stealth look 
  • New sliding holesfor faster adjustment of wheel, pedal and shifter positions 
  • 3 more levels of angle adjustment added for the wheel, pedals and seatpositions 
  • Height adjustable feet included that screw into the frame of the cockpit 
  • Adaptor included forButtkicker® Gamer 2 
  • Product name change to F-GT to reflect formulaand GT seating position 
  • Compatibility with Next Level Racing® Lockable Wheel Castors (available separately)

Leading Features of the F-GT  

  • Dual position cockpit to have you in authentic formula or GT racing positions 
  • Completely adjustable wheel, gear shifter and pedal positions 
  • Extras included such as seat slider, gear shifter support, lumbar support cushion, Buttkicker® Gamer 2, height adjustable feet 
  • Rigid, high quality powder coated steel frame with premium racing seat 
  • Rock solid design to handle high end pedals and direct drive wheels 
  • Suitable for serious sim racing and even professional driver training 
  • Built for comfort and long races 
  • Compatible with all major wheel and pedals. Pre-drilled for Thrustmaster®, Logitech®, Fanatec® & Simxperience® Accuforce wheels. Built strong enough to support direct drive wheels 
  • Up to 10 minutes required to change from formula to GT position. Wheel, pedal and seat positions all change. 

MSRP/RRP $499 USD, €499 Euro (inc VAT) - $699 AUD (inc GST)  

Available globally in August 2018 .

A professional grade cockpit allowing you to experience true race track immersion, the GTtrack made its first appearance at this years E3 expo in Los Angeles.

Designed and engineered using professional race car drivers, the Next Level Racing® GTtrack puts you in a true real-life racing position. Built like a tank the GTtrack keeps your wheel, pedals and shifter completely solid whilst giving you all the adjustability required to find your preferred driving position.
The GTtrack is pre-drilled for all major brands such as Logitech®, Fanatec® and Thrustmaster® however also compatible with direct drive wheels and professional pedal sets. Designed for motion with the Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3 bolting straight onto the GTtrack in less than 10 minutes. The GTtrack will take you to the next level of racing by putting you straight on the race track.

Shaun Cole from The Simpit had an exclusive first look at the cockpit, check out the below video to see the GTtrack in action.
Stay tuned for more information on the GTtrack in the near future...

The Platform Manager Software has now been updated to version 2.73 allowing these new games to be compatible with your Motion Platform:

  • Condor 2
  • Furidashi Drift Cyber Sport

Make sure you've downloaded the latest software to get playing on a whole new level with these games!