To get the most realistic simulation for training, Ricardo decided on the Next Level Racing F1GT Simulator Cockpit which gave him the option of both F1 and GT positions. Check out Ricardo's experience with his newest cockpit below (available in both English and Portuguese) or head over to our YouTube! We cannot wait to receive more updates on his racing journey and follow him throughout 2018! Thank-you once again for being a part of the Next Level Racing team.

Next Level Racing takes on WRC in Coffs Harbour, Australia

Next Level Racing had the pleasure of taking part of WRC this year in Coffs Harbour, Australia. With 2X GTultimate Simulator Cockpits setup, the even ran from the 16th – 19th of November. Equipped on the cockpits was the new Thrustmaster TS-XW, with customers racing on WRC 7.
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Next Level Racing cockpits were spotted out and about at the Lisboa Game Week. The Lisboa Game Week event took place in Lisbon Portugal from 16th to 19th November with approximately 65,000 people attending the show. ( )

The main sponsors of this show was Worten – the biggest e-tailer with retail presence in Portugal and Spain. Cockpits that were displayed were the GTultimate Simulator Cockpits with and without the Motion Platform, Flight Simulator Cockpits and F1GT Simulator Cockpits.

We were represented here significantly and would like to thank our Portugal partners Info-Capital and Worten for organising the cockpits.

Next Level Racing cockpits were lucky enough to make another appearance at the Armageddon Gaming Show in Auckland, New Zealand for 2017.

3 x GTultimate Simulator Cockpit's were featured in the Logitech G booth during the expo running Forza 7 Motorsport and GTSport with PS VR.  A top 10 lap time was displayed for each game. Cockpits were also displayed in the Sony booth at the Gaming Show.

Thank-you to our New Zealand partners for providing and organising the cockpits.