Next Level racing is ecstatic to announce our new partnership with the incredible Mad Mike Whiddett, the Professional Drift Driver for Red Bull. Mike needed the most realistic racing simulation setup for training off the track. He chose none other than the Next Level Racing GTUltimate V2 Cockpit including the recently released Next Level Racing Motion V2 Platform. For electronics Mike chose the latest Clubsport gear from the great team at Fanatec including of course a hand brake and drift wheel running all from a Pagnian Gaming PC. If you haven’t already seen Mad Mike impressive driving skills, do yourself a favour and checkout his videos. Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY! We are excited to receive updates and follow Mike using his new set up, stay tuned for videos of our Official Next Level Racing Ambassador, the one and only Mad Mike Whiddett.

Mad Mike Racing Simulator

We are proud to announce our new partnership with the Holden Racing Team and to launch the Official Holden Racing Team Cockpit. Holden is an iconic brand in Australia and the Holden Racing Team is the most successful V8 Supercar team in the history of this category . With Next Level Racing being the leading simulator brand on the market our new partnership with Holden has been a natural progression of our brand and we are proud to have launched the new cockpit.

Possibly the most revolutionary and exciting simulation product to hit the market for a long time we are incredibly excited to give you some news on our V2 motion platform. The feedback we got on the v1 platform from customers was that they thought it was amazing. Well we think the V2 is incredible and here is a sneak peak

Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2 Features

  • Incredibly fast, yet smooth realistic movements using professional motion cueing profiles.
  • A responsive and powerful system that delivers realistic and smooth movement rather than a rollercoaster ride
  •  The most compact design in the world, fitting within the space of your existing Cockpit
  • Can support up to 130kg users
  • USB plug in.
  • Simple to use click and play software for all major racing and flight titles on PC
  • Silent fans providing cooling for electronics and motors
  • Electromagnetic motor shaft brakes ensures zero movement of the platform when the system is switched off.
  • Built in power source, including an active PFC function to protect from short circuit/overload/overvoltage and overheating.
  • Quality European Manufacturing
  • Max Angular Displacement for Pitch & Roll : +- 10°
  • Max Speed : 20°/s
  • Max Acceleration : 360°/s2
  • Vibrations for frequencies up to 50hz

Inside Sim Racing Reviews Next Level Racing Motion Platform

The Next Level Racing Motion Platform is a product that we are very product of, we knew just how much our customers have loved the platform but we are also very pleased to see such a great review and feedback from Inside Sim Racing. All we can say is that if they loved the V1…
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