Next Level Racing is proud to announce our newest Global Partner, Kamil Pawlowski also known as Khaki in the sim racing world. Kamil has taken out the Project Cars 2 SMS-R Challenger World Champion for 2019 and is also very active in the sim community.

Get to know a little bit more about Kamil below:

What got you into sim racing?

Back then when I was 5 years old, I got a birthday present which was a Gran Turismo 2 game disc and I feel like this was the moment which affected my life really much, but I wasn’t aware about it then! I started to mess with the car setups, driving techniques and racing when I still was a preschooler, isn’t that crazy? I fell in love in racing games so early and my passion for racing has never actually faded. I got my first racing wheel at age 13 and this is when I’ve learned what “simracing” does actually mean. I will never forget my first struggles in online racing leagues…

Practise makes perfect! The release of Project Cars is what got me into esports and taking it as serious as possible – first esports competitions, victories and titles! Now I know this is my passion of my life and I will dedicate myself for simracing as most possible!

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

I will definitely make every effort in defending the Project Cars World Champion title again next year!

Following months bring a lot of serious opportunities. I have big plans in Assetto Corsa Competizione Blancpain GT esports competitions and I’m looking forward to focus on F1 Esports next year! I will continue on growing my social medias to become more and more recognizable. Very busy time is coming indeed!

Why did you decide to become a global partner of Next Level Racing?

First thing is simply the quality of Next Level Racing brand and products – NRL offers amazing line-up of simracing cockpits which will satisfy every serious simracing veterans thanks to high quality materials, solidness and huge adaptability of the cockpits.

Second matter is NRL's huge passion and support for motorsport and simracing drivers, which will definitely bring many potential customers’ attention. I’m truly proud and happy to be a part of Next Level Racing team, supporting me in my simracing career.

What is your favourite Next Level Racing product?

GTTrack cockpit definitely seems to meet all my requirements – it is very sturdy and solid, which allows to use professional hardware and powerful steering wheels without any flex. It is also really comfortable, thus perfect for long racing session. Adaptability and adjustment options are on high level – the whole cockpit has everything prepared and set to mount all of my simracing equipment, which includes wheel, pedals, handbrake and shifter. Being able to adjust seat and pedals position, wheel height and angle, everyone can make themselves comfortable on this cockpit, no matter how tall you are!

What software do you use for sim racing

I mainly compete in Project Cars 2, but recently I’m racing in Assetto Corsa Competizione, Gran Turismo Sport or even Dirt Rally 2! I was always versatile and eager to try every simulator out there, so I have a lot of experience in many racing categories!

Check out Kamil's platforms:

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Next Level Racing had the pleasure of providing cockpits for the Star Insurance Project CARS 2 ANZ Championship hosted in New Zealand! A total of 8 GTultimate cockpits were used to battle it out for the championship racing on the Bathurst track. Have a look at some of these photos taken at the event.

Photographer- Fraser Newman
Event hosted by LetsPlayLive


Next Level Racing is proud to announce our new ambassador James Doherty.
James is a passionate sim racer and is also known as TRL Limitless on his channels. We asked James a few questions so the team NLR community could get to know him a little better:

What got you into sim racing?

I got into sim racing at a very early age by playing with my Dad. I had always been a competitor at heart and had a passion for racing, but when I had to give up my real life racing career at 18 that's when the journey started. Watching some guys on YouTube who played F1, I wanted to reach their level and decided to dedicate all of my time in becoming the very best I could be.

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months I would love to hit 100K subscribers on my YouTube channel. Racing wise, to continue competing in F1 Esports as either a driver or a player manager to eventually win the title as being the best in the World.

Why did you decide to become a global partner of Next Level Racing?

I have been a huge fan of Next Level Racing for quite some time now due to their quality of product, the versatility and passion they have for their consumers.

What is your favourite Next Level Racing product?

My favourite Next Level Racing definitely has to be the GT track. The design, sturdiness and comfort is on another level.

What is your favourite sim racing software?

My favourite sim racing software is the F1 franchise and I mainly play on the xbox platform.

Check out James' platforms:

Youtube - JDisMoNsTeR
Twitter- @TRL_Limitless
Instagram - JDisLimitless

Next Level Racing is proud to announce their first female ambassador, race car driver Lindsay Rice! Lindsay has had three 1st place wins, and thirteen podium places (top 3) in her career so far.

Check out some questions below that Lindsay answered to get to know her a bit.

What got you into racing?

It was the feeling that I got behind the wheel of a car. I never felt like that before with anything else in my life. It was the pure power, raw machinery, and the speed that hooked me. I knew that I had to focus on cars in my life and in my career.. and this included getting on track and competing with them. It was very tough, being a first generation racer in my family and not being sure how to get into racing.. but we found our way track and have built an amazing program here in Canada in just over 4 years time. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

I see us on the podium, multiple times this season in the #18 Rice Racing Audi RS3 LMS TCR car in Canada. Taking home vistories. I see us getting down to the US and racing the TCR car there as well, and I hope that by this time next year we will be competing with top talent in other countries, and putting ourselves to the test amongst some top level drivers. Racing is a very unpredictable career - things can happen very fast or very slow - so I am just pushing as much as I can to do well, on and off the track. So this time next year.. I can't say what will happen, but I know I will be working very hard to take the next steps in my racing career.

Why did you decide to become a global partner of Next Level Racing?

Next Level Racing is a prestigious brand, with a very impressive line up of products for racing simulators. It was natural for me to join the NLR team, as I know that they place a lot of focus  driver development for race car drivers - behind the wheel of their simulator equipment. This is my goal with Next Level Racing - learn new tracks, become an expert on my 'home' tracks, feel different cars, different weather conditions, and experience the true, true feel of a race car - all from the confines of my living room :). It will be my first time entering into the world of online racing as a sport, so I am looking forward to doing so alongside Next Level Racing.

What is your favourite Next Level Racing product?

I could be cliché and say the motion, since it is the thing that most connects you to the feel of the car - but I'd like to place focus on how important it is to use your sight and listen to the sound of the car... I love love love the Next Level Racing Triple Monitor Stands for the NLR set up. It is the perfect tool to immerse yourself completely with extreme visuals; straight ahead, and with peripheral vision - just like in my race car. To be able to hook this up to my surround sound system and hear the roar of the engine from all around me is also really what gets me in the mode to push myself in the cockpit of my Next Level Racing seat.